Haco worldwide

Turnover of >450 million with >3500 products. This is the abridged numerical profile of the HACO Group. But who and what lie behind these numbers?

Production sites

Switzerland – Gümligen, Schwarzenburg and Utzenstorf | Austria, Traismauer | Netherlands, Sassenheim | Germany, Rietberg | Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur | USA, Los Angeles and Chicago | Canada, Montreal

Our markets

HACO produces over 3500 products from over 1000 raw materials. One third of the Group's entire production is currently sold in Switzerland, two thirds are exported around the world – and this proportion is rising. HACO distributes its products nationally and internationally through three sales channels: Retail (private label), Foodservice (restaurants, caterers, residential institutions and hospitals) and the foodstuffs industry.

Customers worldwide


Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Great Britain, Finland, Greece, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey

North America, Central / South America

USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile


United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan

Africa, Oceania

South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Our convenience products

culinary products

Seasonings, bouillons & soups (dry, liquid), sauces (dry, liquid), stocks, dry ready-meals, dips, salad dressings, mustard, spices, beverages, desserts

Coffee / Tea / Drinks

instant coffee & tea (spray dried, freeze-dried), coffee & tea extracts, breakfast drinks, semi-finished products for industrial production, reaction flavors, Flavor Tools, roasted bones, solubly mixed-drink


protein bars, extruded bars

Haco Group


The HACO Group comprises various sales and production companies in Europe, Asia and North America.

Facts & Figures

Turnover of 450 million with >3500 products. This is the abridged numerical profile of the HACO Group. But who and what lie behind these numbers?


At the outset stands the idea. The process culminates in sensual pleasure, culinary diversity and, not least, commercial success. Linking them all is our technological expertise.

Environment & Quality

Exploiting synergies, conserving resources. We make responsible use of energy, materials, air, water and soil. When in doubt, we opt for the most environmentally-friendly solution.

History & Milestones

Inventions, pioneering achievements, Nobel laureates. The pages of HACO's history portray a fascinating record of innovation and success.