At the outset stands the idea. The process culminates in sensual pleasure, culinary diversity and, not least, commercial success. Linking them all up is our technological expertise. An expertise that is also applied with a pioneering spirit that resides in our DNA. HACO has repeatedly forged new paths since its beginnings. Investments in the development of new technologies are extremely important to us because we also want to be able to continue delighting our customers with new products in the future.

EXTRACTION – Reduced to the essentials

We were pioneers in coffee extraction and the production of soluble coffee in as early as 1945. Today, we also continue to remain at the forefront of this technology. A simple principle meets with highly sophisticated technology here: Our extractors that are used to obtain coffee and tea extracts constitute the heart of this process.

BLENDING – It's the blend that counts

Visual appeal is still important, even with the right blend: To ensure that our finished and semi-finished products not only taste great but also look appealing, we use a blending method that allows factors like homogeneity, structure preservation and good pourability to play a key role. This blending method encompasses wet mixing processes for the production of bouillons, breakfast drinks and cereal bars as well as dry blending processes for the production of soups, sauces, ready-to-serve meals, seasoning blends, white coffee and dessert products.

DRYING – Preserved flavor

We employ a wide range of drying methods for the drying of foods. During spray drying, coffee and tea extracts are atomized into a stream of warm air in spray towers, causing them to be dried into soluble instant products. Freeze-drying on the other hand is a particularly gentle drying process that helps to retain volatile aromatic compounds. Here, coffee or tea extracts are frozen in a thin layer at minus 40 °C, granulated and any water is then removed by sublimation. So-called vacuum belt drying, which is used to make malt-based breakfast beverages and semi-finished food ingredients, is a similarly gentle process. Here, product mixtures in paste form are foamed under vacuum conditions and then dried carefully at low temperatures.

LIQUID TECHNOLOGY – Convenience and freshness

Customers nowadays expect an ever higher degree of convenience from our products. Products need to be of a high quality, but also taste "as if home-made". This trend has already become apparent in the retail market as well as in restaurants. In the fresh food sector, we also rely on high-quality raw materials, dependable processing methods and a dash of creativity in the development of sauces and dressings.

Haco Group


The HACO Group comprises various sales and production companies in Europe, Asia and North America.

Facts & Figures

Turnover of 450 million with >3500 products. This is the abridged numerical profile of the HACO Group. But who and what lie behind these numbers?


At the outset stands the idea. The process culminates in sensual pleasure, culinary diversity and, not least, commercial success. Linking them all is our technological expertise.

Environment & Quality

Exploiting synergies, conserving resources. We make responsible use of energy, materials, air, water and soil. When in doubt, we opt for the most environmentally-friendly solution.

History & Milestones

Inventions, pioneering achievements, Nobel laureates. The pages of HACO's history portray a fascinating record of innovation and success.